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Here, we share stories, tips, and news about our hotel, the local community, and the beautiful natural surroundings of Port Hardy, British Columbia. As the only Indigenous-owned hotel on North Vancouver Island, we are committed to providing a unique and authentic experience for our guests. Our blog page is a space where we can share more about our culture, traditions, and history, and highlight the Indigenous artists, chefs, and entrepreneurs that are shaping our community. Whether you're planning a trip to Port Hardy or are already staying with us, our blog page is a great resource for discovering local attractions, outdoor activities, and cultural events. From hiking and whale watching to learning about traditional salmon fishing techniques, there's something for everyone to enjoy in our corner of the world.

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Kwa’lilas Hotel Partners with Island Link Bus Service for Seamless Travel Experience to Port Hardy

We’re thrilled to announce an incredible new partnership that enhances your travel experience to and from Port Hardy. Starting May 16, 2024…

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