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Exploring the Wonders of North Vancouver Island

Top Places to Explore for Adventurous Travellers



Welcome To North Vancouver Island

Welcome to North Vancouver Island, a captivating destination that offers an abundance of wonders for adventurous travellers. Whether you’re a local looking for something to do or it’s your first time visiting, there is something to do for everyone. From rugged coastlines and ancient rainforests to charming towns and diverse wildlife, this region is a playground for nature enthusiasts and explorers. Join us as we embark on a thrilling journey through the highlights of North Vancouver Island, discovering a few of its hidden gems and must-visit attractions.

Embrace the Wild Wonders of Cape Scott Provincial Park

For those looking to explore a truly untamed wilderness, Cape Scott Provincial Park calls from the remote northwestern tip of Vancouver Island. This pristine park offers the opportunity to unleash your inner explorer. Prepare to lace up your hiking boots and venture into a world of rugged beauty, ancient forests, and coastal vistas.


Don’t forget to bring your camera! With a network of trails winding through old-growth forests that lead to secluded sandy beaches with dramatic sea stacks, this remote BC Park makes for incredible photo opportunities. Cape Scott Provincial Park is also home to one of the world’s best beaches – San Josef Bay. That’s right! Known for its unspoiled natural beauty, breathtaking vistas and a sandy beach that stretches across the coastline. Just 45 minutes one way, the well-kept gravel trail to the bay treats you to stunning rainforest and ocean views. While it may not be your typical sunbathing destination, you can find sand dollars, soak your feet in the sand and enjoy less crowded beaches. 

Get Up Close with Marine Life in Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove, a historic fishing village turned tourist destination, is a must-visit spot for marine life enthusiasts and families visiting the North Island. Perhaps a more interesting fun fact is that Telegraph Cove is home to the first whale-watching company which was established in 1980! It’s pretty neat that it was a staple in putting the destination alongside Killer Whales on the global map. You can be part of witnessing the majesty of orcas, humpback whales, and dolphins in their natural habitat with Price of Whales Whale Watching Tours. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try kayaking through the waters, exploring hidden coves, and marvelling at the vibrant marine life beneath you with North Island Kayak. But, just make sure that you make time to admire and explore the Whale Interpretive Centre.


In fact, did you know that The Whale Interpretive Centre (WIC) is home to the largest collection of marine mammal skeletons in British Columbia? It’s True! Filled from the ceiling to the floor with incredible marine mammal skeletons and fascinating facts about whales and sea creatures, we highly recommend adding this stop to your North Island travel plans.

Just a short ferry ride away from Port McNeill, Alert Bay awaits, welcoming you to embark on a captivating journey through the depths of Indigenous heritage. Alert Bay has earned its reputation as the “Home of the Killer Whale” due to the presence of a rubbing beach on the island and its proximity to the Robson Bight Ecological Reserve. Nestled in a village on Cormorant Island, Alert Bay offers a unique opportunity to explore the cultural tapestry of the Kwakwaka’wakw people and their history.



One of the must-visit attractions in Alert Bay is the renowned U’mista Cultural Centre. Stepping through its doors, you’ll find yourself transported to a world where history comes alive. Marvel at the captivating display of artifacts, each carrying its own story and significance. From intricately carved totem poles to beautifully crafted masks, the U’mista Cultural Centre showcases the artistic mastery of the Kwakwaka’wakw people. Another totem Pole you’ll want to take in is the World’s Tallest Totem Pole, north along Fir Street/Front Street, and up the hill next to the ‘Namgis Traditional Big House. You can also participate in cultural experiences during the summer like Cedar Bark Weaving, and Kwakwala Artwork, or witness the empowering T’sasala Cultural Group Dance inside the Big House.



Alert Bay is one place we highly recommend adding to your bucket list!

Discover the magic of Northern Vancouver Island—a treasure trove of natural wonders, cultural heritage, and thrilling experiences. From untamed wilderness to captivating marine life, each destination promises unforgettable memories. Grab your camera, gather your loved ones, and embark on an adventure of a lifetime. 

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